Meet our Local Lango Team

Joanne Wallington is the CEO and President for Lango of Prince George's County, Inc.  Joanne is attorney and mother of three Lango students and an active member in the national Lango Co-operative.  As a parent, Joanne is always looking for ways to increase the quality of education for children from all walks of life.  As such, she believes Lango is an ideal supplement to any preschool and/or elementary school curriculum.

As the CEO and President of Lango of Prince George's County, Inc., she makes it her mission is to bring high quality classes to parents and students in convenient locations throughout the week.  As more families are learning the benefits of learning a second language early, Joanne is making sure Lango is equipped to meet the demand.  While Joanne handles the class administration, building new partnerships and curriculum development and training, the people who truly make Lango so effective are the super star teaching staff.


Our Super Star Teaching Staff

Lango's teachers make our classes truly exceptional.  In our selection process, we look for five distinct qualities:  native/bilingual fluency, limitless positive energy, creativity, teaching experience with relevant age groups and outstanding communication skills with both children and their parents.  Beyond these qualities, though, our teachers bring unique cultural perspectives and professional backgrounds that enable them to create rich, engaging experiences in the classroom.  If you are interested in becoming a Lango teacher, please contact us today.

photo Regional Director - Aracelis Vicente

Aracelis has always been a fun, loyal and friendly person. After growing up and attending college in southeast Georgia, she relocated to Virginia to continue her career in the Hospitality industry, in which she excelled for 12 years. In her new role as Regional Director of the Lango of Prince George's County, Aracelis is excited to see kids interact and learn different languages at a young age. She is enthusiastic about helping their futures!

Aracelis is zealous when it comes to helping others and advocating for a cause. As a cancer survivor, she constantly looks for ways to encourage other fighters and the families of lost ones. She currently participates in fundraising, speaks to patients, and volunteers her time with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She also enjoys planning family gatherings, visiting and learning about animals, and staying abreast of current events.

You might spot this courageous lover of outdoors, arts and music at a museum or a park on weekends. Don’t be afraid to say hi (or bonjour, hola, or nǐ hǎo)!

photo Senora Stephanie

Senorita Stephanie has been teaching Spanish with Lango since the fall of 2015. She is a native of Columbia, South America and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in Port Operations from Universidad Autonoma del Caribe (Columbia). Stephanie believes it is important that children learn a second language when they are young because she sees all of the global opportunities available to people who are bilingual.




photo Senora Ame


 "Ame was born and raised in Mexico and is a native Spanish speaker. Ame received her Bachelor's in Modern Languages (English, French and Spanish) from La Escuela Peninsular de Lenguas Modernas in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. She used her degree while working as an English teacher in Merida for six years. She has been surrounded by children her whole life and loves working with them. She loves to teach and sing Lango songs. Children really connect with her fun, energetic style. In her free time, she enjoys Zumba and cooking. Ame is recently married and shows great patience with her oldest Spanish student, her husband!