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Our best marketing comes from your word-of-mouth.  We could not have grown to serve over 400 families without your recommendations to family, friends and colleagues. We ask that you please continue to spread the word, and thank you for supporting Lango of Prince George's County.  

You can start by completing the form below to share our site with any everyone far and wide! 


Two Referral Programs:

1. When you help Lango start a parent-paid enrichment program in a school or daycare, you will will receive one month FREE.

2. If you are a current Registered Family, refer a friend/family to register for our community classes. Both families have the opportunity to SAVE $$$$. Upon registration of the new family, both families will receive 15% off one month's tuition EACH. *The new family must enter the referred families name (Parent) in the "How did you hear about us?" field. The credit will be applied the month after the new registration.  



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